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Mitsuba by destiasa Mitsuba :icondestiasa:destiasa 15 9 collab/gift by destiasa collab/gift :icondestiasa:destiasa 9 3 kota-chaaan by destiasa kota-chaaan :icondestiasa:destiasa 14 11 Lemrina hime by destiasa Lemrina hime :icondestiasa:destiasa 28 8 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYUZUMI CHIHIRO MY BAE by destiasa HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYUZUMI CHIHIRO MY BAE :icondestiasa:destiasa 19 1 Popy [AT] by destiasa Popy [AT] :icondestiasa:destiasa 13 4 Request: C.C. Melody by destiasa Request: C.C. Melody :icondestiasa:destiasa 18 4 [December 24th] Happy Birthday Konoha! by destiasa [December 24th] Happy Birthday Konoha! :icondestiasa:destiasa 29 4 [Request Done] Maria's OC by destiasa [Request Done] Maria's OC :icondestiasa:destiasa 10 5 Ritsuko :3 (OC) by destiasa Ritsuko :3 (OC) :icondestiasa:destiasa 17 12 [Request] by destiasa [Request] :icondestiasa:destiasa 10 6 Scheherazade - Magi [Facebook Cover] by destiasa Scheherazade - Magi [Facebook Cover] :icondestiasa:destiasa 0 0 Conan and Shinichi by destiasa Conan and Shinichi :icondestiasa:destiasa 2 2 Chibi Ritsuko~ (my OC .w.) by destiasa Chibi Ritsuko~ (my OC .w.) :icondestiasa:destiasa 4 0


[Asano Gakushuu x Reader] One and Ten (2/2)
You opened your eyes slowly, only to found pure white ceiling waiting for you. You averted your glance to the left, looking at the white framed window where the sun rays came in. you saw a nice fruit parcel beside a vase filled with yellow marigold, placed on a coffee table near the window.
You smell something familiar. Although your left hand feels cold, you right hand feel the opposite. It’s warm and calming, it makes you curious. Neglecting the fact that your head is hurt like hell you look at your right, at the same time of a certain boy awakens. Your eyes met his. On the next second, he grip your right palm tighter with happiness filled his face.
“..... Asano-kun...?”  You said quietly.
“You’re finally awake...” he said in his relief voice.
Your head hurts a little more than before. “... What happened..?”
“You fell from the pedestrian bridge’s stairs. You bumped your head hard to the sideways and it bleeds. The docto
:iconitazuradan:ItazuraDan 48 7
[Asano Gakushuu x Reader] One and Ten (1/2)
Mid-term test has finally gone, and the results have finally come.
After all the hard efforts you’ve done to answer all those demonic questions made by those demon-like teachers, finally the time has come to see your results.
Many students have gathered around the announcement board. Half of them shouting nonsense of happiness, sighed in relief, and smiled after saw their satisfying results, while the other half felt disappointed, sad, and have to mourn their destiny for having such a bad, or maybe a result which was far from their prediction.
You walk to the announcement board and feel a little dizzy at the same time. You feel weak and want to sleep right away. You feel terrible, but since nobody will come to school just to look at your rank, it’s best to go by yourself. Besides, you have some classes in the morning.
“It’s just me, or it’s really hot here...?” you mumbled under your breath, feeling the urge to go back to your class and sleep.
:iconitazuradan:ItazuraDan 46 5
Cute Pattern (jpg version) by flordeneu Cute Pattern (jpg version) :iconflordeneu:flordeneu 6 3 Pretty cure by moai87 Pretty cure :iconmoai87:moai87 534 28 .:Kuroko:. by yoneyu .:Kuroko:. :iconyoneyu:yoneyu 375 44 [Gift] Come with me, My lady by nichandesu [Gift] Come with me, My lady :iconnichandesu:nichandesu 23 2
Check and Mate (Akashi x Reader) KnB [12/?]
Chapter 12 - Avowal
People were hurriedly going back to their respective classroom which was a relief since Akashi still held my hand in his. Once we arrived to our class, I quickly released my hand from his and headed for my seat before anyone could notice.
I'm pretty sure most of the class were already formulating stories on their own but I'd rather not add fuel to the growing fires of speculations.
Akashi didn't say a word but followed soon after taking his seat besides me.
'That's right, I almost forgot that he now sits near me'
I glanced at his direction.
Somehow sensing my gaze, he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back awkwardly before facing forward.
'I refuse to be pulled into his pace' was my resolute decision.
The day's classes passed by without any unwarranted events. As I was gathering my things, I received a mail from Ayame.
"[Name], I'll be heading off first. I wouldn't want to keep you since I'm pretty sure you'll be with Akashi-san again. Just upd
:iconsky-midnight:sky-midnight 50 7
happy birthday Eddelrittuo !! by ChAanChOonFaN happy birthday Eddelrittuo !! :iconchaanchoonfan:ChAanChOonFaN 15 6 Art Trade - Alibaba Saluja by Eirii-Kuzu Art Trade - Alibaba Saluja :iconeirii-kuzu:Eirii-Kuzu 12 2 27052015 by Hattori-hime 27052015 :iconhattori-hime:Hattori-hime 20 3 Kuroko no Basuke by ShiraKyandii Kuroko no Basuke :iconshirakyandii:ShiraKyandii 87 9
Check and Mate (Akashi x Reader) KnB [11/?]
Chapter 11 - D.A.B.D.A. (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance)
The school bell rang signifying lunch break. I quickly gathered my boxed lunch, headed over towards Ayame-chan and dragged her with me out of the classroom as soon as I could.
Ignoring the looks of my fellow students, I quickened my pace pulling on Ayame's arm. I've constantly been given looks these pass few days and I'd rather care less!
"Uhmm... [Name]-chan..." I heard Ayame called out in a quiet voice.
"Things are getting a bit out of hand and I'd really like to get away from it all at the moment..." I tried to explain.
I stopped under the shade of the big cherry tree, a great distance away from the school building. I sat down besides the tree trunk and Ayame sat besides me.
"So mind explaining what was that all about earlier?" Ayame asked while preparing to eat her lunch.
"Nothing." was my quick reply as I lay out my boxes lunch on my lap.
"So you just happen to start spending time with Akashi-san an
:iconsky-midnight:sky-midnight 53 6
Hiyori Asahina by PoisonicPen Hiyori Asahina :iconpoisonicpen:PoisonicPen 82 9 Mayuzumi~ by Obily Mayuzumi~ :iconobily:Obily 88 6
DeviantART Text Formatting Guide - Version 3.2
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:iconshadowkirby47:ShadowKirby47 1,136 929
Owari no Seraph: The Two Who Survived by Lanessa29 Owari no Seraph: The Two Who Survived :iconlanessa29:Lanessa29 365 12




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